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Swimming pool development and landscaping

The Brief

A significant project for the team and one that presented many challenges to set the talents to work… what initially began as the development of an indoor swimming pool and gym sited on an existing tennis court, became a major earth moving task after the sensitivities of surrounding neighbours were given appropriate consideration.

The Solution

an extensive operation involving all the key senior members of the team, at one stage or another, and the recommended solutions have resulted in the creation of a building that is quite different from the initial proposed by the client, and one that has been born from MMA’s knowledge and experience of what would work best and be in keeping with the landscape and environment.

The Outcome

A structure that not only houses a swimming pool, but gymnasium and leisure space – a facility many a small community would love to have and enjoy, let alone a family.

The materials used are all of the finest quality and the glulam solution for the structure has provided a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing result. A dramatic shift from the client’s initial wish for a steel finish, which would have not, in any way, have added to the beauty of the overall build within the existing landscape.

Andy says.

850 tonnes of earth were moved to level the ground for the building… essentially moving a hill! Not the easiest tasks in the winter of 2018, but the end result speaks for itself.

having undertaken many building projects – both home and abroad, I can truly say MMA’s approach is unmatched, in my experience…

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