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The Brief

What could be more exciting than a place in the garden to escape to? How many boys, growing into men, dreamed of their very own place, high up above the ground – away from the everyday ‘stuff’ that goes on… and all beginning with an email requesting “Can you build a tree house for my son in 2 weeks?”

The Solution

The landscape in the remote valley location presented many access issues for all works to be carried out but the team took to the task with their usual gusto; knowing that this was one project they could indulge a few boyhood fantasies. Climbing net, fireman’s pole, trap door! Just a few of the fun features included that had to meet safety standards too.

The Outcome

A place for ‘dreams and adventures’ beautifully made and being utterly respectful – taking into account the aspects of the landscape to best effect. We can guarantee that this is a place the envy of many boys – of all ages.

It proved so popular with the client, and family, that the initial project doubled to become 2 tree houses joined by a rope bridge.

The treehouse is a fantastic place to spend time – ideal for glampers out there and anyone who loves the great outdoors.

Andy says.

A totally fun project, as we were able to design the whole thing, immensely satisfying and creative. We started with one tree house and once the client had seen how fantastic it looked they wanted another! Flexing our imagination and maybe indulging the child in us we came up some brilliantly playful ideas; incorporated a fireman’s pole, high walk way, cargo net and trap door.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project and know our client, and his children, are over the moon with the result.

Mike is the business – extremely can-do, nothing is ever a problem

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